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    At Machine Pasal we focus on providing the finest quality hardware tools, electrical plumbing and automotive accessories through the web portal at best affordable price. Machine Pasal is Nepal’s no 1 online store for the hardware. Machine Pasal believes in providing the customers a convenient experience of shopping for hardware goods online with the excellent customer service. Hassle Free Services: We understand that the selling with multiple clients is difficult. So, we provide the services of picking up the products itself from you to make a sell via our portal. So, that it will give you a sort of relaxation in work. Sell Products Online Machine Pasal helps you to sell your products online. Selling the Product online also could increase the number of sales of your company. It would help you to get your potential customers as well. Earn More Clients Online presence helps you get the more number of customers because of it online presence and people will be coming to purchase the products. Brand Awareness As Machine Pasal continuously shares the products details with the customers and update about it. It helps in gaining the awareness among the customers regarding the product that we provides, which also ultimately helps in increasing the sales and customers as well.

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